Phone: (52) 624 173-0203
US Line: (619) 730-0337

We hired Monica and the Cabo Home Store to help us with furnishing and completing a large villa at Chileno Bay Club. We first met in November 2012 and the villa was in move-in condition in April 2013.

Monica had a source for everything that we needed from Mexican furniture manufacturers, to window coverings along with all the necessary installers, delivery people and on-site set up. For our US sourced items, she handled the freight importation and required paperwork and documentation.

She was in constant contact with us and responded quickly to whatever requests and needs that we had. To say the least, the entire experience in working with Monica was hassle-free and the results were outstanding!

Everyone should have a Monica working with them on their house.

Lyn Stein, Chileno Bay Club Villa owner Lucie Greville, Interior Designer, Irvine, CA 

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