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“My experience with Monica Markeset began many years ago (17) when she was the assistant (yet seemed to know more than anyone) working as the center point of a furniture, design store in San Jose. As the years passed the store was no longer operating and gratefully, one day, I walked into THE HOME STORE, and there she was. Being in real estate, I love to be able to put together my new home purchasers, and the liaison, someone dependable to "get the job done" well. Be it decorating ideas, touches, or coordinating drape and outdoor furniture fabrics... As the years have unfolded..... Cabo has changed greatly, many new designers.... Yet, i will return again and again, to work with Monica, either personally or professionally. She is patient, likes the job done right and really stands behind her projects...from start to finish!”  

Lori Harrison
Century 21 Real Estate, CSL

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